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Jamaica's Smokey Montana Dubs and Tunes

Dubplates and Mixtapes

In the days before Mp3 and Mp4, a Dubplate was considered an acetate disc – usually 10 inches in diameter – used in mastering studios for quality control and test recordings before proceeding with the final master, and subsequent pressing of the record to be mass-produced on vinyl.

Dubplates have evolved a lot over the years. No longer is a dubplate a vintage 10 inch object. A dubplate is now more popularly considered as an exclusive piece of music done for a musician, sound system or Disc Jockey. Whichever you are looking to get - Jamaica's Smokey Montana and Krazy Noize Entertainment can help you get it done. Just link us up!

Remember, Music is what we do! All Genres of music but Jamaican music is our specialty.

Older Dubplates

Sounds Systems Before

Sound System Now A Days